Free on line guide for childrens from 4 to 10 willing to approach keyboard and piano playing. Free piano sheet  music for childrens ready to print.

Easy and intuitive method (so easy that even a parent could do it!) to perform simple popular songs and carols properly using all five fingers and reading music too.

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In the section FOUR LESSONS BEFORE START  you will find all steps you have to go through: get to know the keyboard, put your fingers in position on the keyboard, create and color the notes-marker, learn the notes position on the pentagram, assign color to every note and learn fingering.

Finally you will find a lot of music sheets of popular melodies, carols and unpublished songs. You can print and try to execute them. GO TO THE COMPLETE LIST.

There are a lot of easy songs (most of them are easiest music in the WORLD that you SURELY know) that you will try to play reading the music by FOLLOWING CAREFULLY THE FINGERING, paying attention to use the correct finger which is indicated from time to time.