Carnival of Venice. The thumb passage in scales.

The Carnival of Venice folk tune is well-known all over the world and a lot of variations on the theme have been written in the last two centuries. The same melody is known also like a Musical Brain Teaser:  My Hat It Has Three Corners  (see for details the Music K-8 Magazine).  See italian version in German version: Mein Hut Der Hat Drei Ecken.

Played in unison, this melody let us study the C major scale and the thumb passage:

Cmajor scale - luiraffimarti

Remember: don’t drop the arm down on the the thumb. The arm have to glide behind the hand softly.

First time on Luiraffimarti? Go to FOUR PIANO LESSONS BEFORE START :  that’s what you need to know first steps.

carnival of venice schemethe hands luiraffimarti

carnival of venice


stampante- luiraffimarti

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