Pimpirulin was crying – easier version for little children

This is a popular children’s song from Italy. Pimpirulin is crying: he always wants everything and Mom at one point says: stop now, shut up! This is an easier version, here you can find another version, with left-hand accompaniment and always colored notes. In the italian site Luiraffimarti.it you can find the italian version. Attention to red numbers: there is a change in the fingering.

this old man scheme the hands luiraffimarti

pimpirulin was crying


stampante- luiraffimarti

Pimpirulin was crying


Pimpirulin was crying
He wanted half an apple
The mom didn’t have the apple
Pimpirulin was crying.

At midnight exactly
An airplane passed
And on it was written
Pimpirulin shut up!

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