4 – Stave and fingers


On stave are written notes respecting the colors already defined. Every note is a key:

staff luiraffimarti

Also on the stave each note correspond to a number:

  • number above: right hand’s finger
  • number below: left hand’s finger

exemplefinger luiraffimartiIn the section 1 = FIVE NOTES , we play only five notes: C – D – E – F – G. Then we can say for the moment that each finger correspond to a note, to a color, to a number. In your exercise – book copy this plan:

the hand luiraffimartiREMEMBER: follow the fingering on the musical score is important!! You must not use your fingers at random. In all educational musical scores there are clear indications on fingering.

Now: The four lessons before starting to play the piano are over !! Surprised? Now you can start playing  first easy five-finger melodies..

View here a quickly list of all music scores on Luiraffimarti..



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